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School Management ERP System have been implemented by various schools these Days. In general, this system has managed to ease the task of admins, teachers, staffs, and others through a multi-function platform. Not only limited to the internal management, the school management system also manages school’s interaction with the students and parents. This features indeed makes the communication between the three parties effective.

Why CAMPUSLIVE school management system important?

CAMPUSLIVE provide cloud-based campus management solutions and supports various modern technologies such as online payment gateways, email alerts, mobile app’s etc. CAMPUSLIVE focuses at easing administrative hassles, enhancing organization, planning and regulation. CAMPUSLIVE school management software is nimble and can be customized according to the requirements of the institution. Specifically designed for Pre-schools, primary and secondary schools.

 Benefits of CAMPUSLIVE?

  • Secured portals:

secure web portal provides a single doorway, through which all users—clients, partners, and employees—can gain access to the information they require, while ensuring the right security is carried out. Proper Authentication, Authorization will be there, so there will be no chance of accessing your account by anybody else without knowing the details. Perfect for privacy point of view as well.

  • Cost and Energy saving: One of the most prominent advantages of ERP implementation is its cost-effectiveness. The program eliminates manual activities involved in such as registration, payroll, fee collection, and others to save money. For imperative educational reasons, the expense spared may be used.
  • Empower teachers through E-learning Platform:

Online learning solutions provide much-needed effectiveness for teachers, allowing them to maximize the potential for individual learning curves and styles within the classroom. Many online learning solutions account for self-packed learning, and allow students and teachers to collaboratively work together to meet scheduled targets.

  • Effective Communication: Keep parents and students in connectivity all time via SMS, Email and Mobile Apps
  • Health Monitoring:  It helps the campus to keep a record on the health check-up and it is easy to manage, convenient, and highly flexible depending upon the campus requirements.
  • Go paperless: generate e- reports on a click of a button
  • Library management: This system helps to manage library classify, elevating & circulation effortlessly.
  • Hassel free admissions: No need to stand in a long queue and to move from one department to other for admission.
  • Effortless payments: Online fee collection & payment portal integration for hassle-free e-payments
  • Virtual classes and E-learning platform: Virtual classes provides an environment that allows students and teachers to communicate specially in this pandemic. Studies have suffered a lot but thankful to this digital world where students can easily approach their teacher and continue learning.
  • Homework Management: proper homework and assignments are given to the students and can easily monetarised by teachers as well as by parents.
  • Attendance Records in few clicks
  • Effortless Fee Management: NO need to go to the organization and to deposit fees after standing in a queue. U can easily submit fees from anywhere in this world.
  • Exam Management: time to time exams will be taken to keep an eye on the progress of students.
  • Academics Management

Parents Monitoring: parents can easily track their child’s activities like progress report, attendance etc.