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Online Learning is the fastest-growing field of education in the whole world. With millions of schools switching to online learning to maintain social distancing in this Covid situation there are multiple other reasons why online classes/education is a preferred choice. The evolution of technology has given us an opportunity to attend classes/lectures even without being physically present at schools/colleges. A remarkable amount of students are taking distance courses in higher education while maintaining a balance with their jobs and duties. Online learning is proved to be a useful method of learning and developing skills.

Given below are a few reasons why Online Learning is the preferred choice.

1.Personalized learning: The old school method of learning is not working anymore with the advancement of education. Personalized learning is a more productive method of learning where a student can learn at his own pace and according to his need.

2.Learning at your own pace: Every student’s ability to learn something is different from each other. Some learn fast and some take time. Online learning has given a platform to students where they can learn things in a personalized way at their own pace.

3.Flexibility: Online learning is the most flexible method of learning. It has recorded lectures that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. This helps you organize daily activities at your convenience. This is very useful for those who are involved in other activities like part-time-job, sports activities, etc.

4.Reduces the gap between you and learning: Many students these days are planning to be enrolled in educational courses overseas, but due to many reasons like distance and financial issues they are unable to do so. Online learning has made it easy to be enrolled in courses across the globe without the trouble of moving from one place to another.

5.Knowledge beyond books: Online learning is far different from traditional learning where books were the only source of learning. Online learning allows students to be exposed to different sources of knowledge like journals, videos, articles, EBooks, quizzes, discussion forums, live Q&A sessions, and many others.

6.Makes student-teacher communication easy: For some students, it is not an easy task to raise hands in case of any doubt or query and discuss the issue with the teacher comfortably. This is where online classes give them convenience. Students in online learning methods have the advantage of sending instant messages to their faculties during class if there is an issue. Online learning platforms also provide teachers the advantage of giving feedback to students personally.

7.Approach: Education is always been a struggle for rural areas due to a lack of finances and fewer educational institutes. Online learning is accessible from anywhere anytime has made education easily available to those living in remote or rural areas at lower costs.