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Modules and Features

CAMPUSLIVE™ Administration

CAMPUSLIVE™ administration module has been developed specifically considering all these aspects and to suit the current and futuristic needs of evolving.

Student Management

Student Management module has been developed with user-friendly features to facilitate all process of your institution, from the admission of new students.

HR Management

HR management module helps collating data for all its staff members, employees, support workers. With help of the biometric system record of all the employees .

Academics Management

Academic Management: Classes/Grades Management, Syllabus Management, Attendance Management.

Finance Management

Financial Accounting Management: Financial Transactions Reports & Statements, Voucher & Balance Sheet Management.

Inventory Management

inventory management software, easily manage stock, record purchases, create sales orders, Sales & stock Management, and much more.

Library Management

Library Management Software, this software covers the whole laboratory activities from arrival of the sample to resulting and billing. As we know it is really hard to manage the large volume of data..

Activities / ECA

Schools/Institutes conduct numerous extra-curricular activities on regular basis. At CAMPUSLIVE™, we offer full-fledged module

Health Monitoring

CAMPUSLIVE™ offers a unique ERP module for the institutions to keep track of health records and related measures accurately and

Transport Management

Managing transportation can be cumbersome if done manually as there are number of students, staff members who enroll for the school/campus buses while commuting everyday.

Front Office Management

The module has been designed to manage the tracking of the visitors and the interaction. This module offers assistance to the front office executive for managing visitors.

Responsive Dashboards

With the advent of technology today, execution of complicated and tedious tasks has become lot more easier and simplified. It has blossomed so well in our present times.

Examination Management

Examination module is one of the most important modules offered by CAMPUSLIVE™. Conducting examination in a number of classes of any school or an institution requires a lot of management and planning.

Cafeteria Management

Schools/Campus and Institutes operate their own cafeteria’s for their students since there are few institutions where students often reside in the hostels.

Fee Management

CAMPUSLIVE™ has excelled its expertise by introducing fee management module for the campus or institutions. Fee management is at the core of the critical operations being executed in any school/college/institution.

Payroll Module

Payroll management module is an important aspect which is taken into consideration while setting up the ERP module. It is the process utilized while generate salaries of employees .

Hostel/Boarding Management

Hostel Management: Many schools/institutes offer hostel for the boarding, lodging facilities for the students residing in the campus.

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