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Welcome to the new generation of

Cloud-based School Management System

A system that carries unparalleled features for the schools who are looking for a reliable, stable, ever-evolving system for their organizations which will save precious time, improve the productivity, deliver the best & accurate analytics based on minimum data input.

CAMPUSLIVE™ comprises 75+ different modules that cover each and every department of school and makes the functioning effortless and smooth.
With CAMPUSLIVE™ all the school stakeholders can communicate & manage their task excellently.

Why Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Benefits & Features:

Our Cloud server comes with Windows 2012 & with SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition.
These are optimized for optimum performance and can cater to 1000’s of users simultaneously.


Ready to use as you order.


No investment in Hardware & Infrastructure.


No investment in Software licensing


Servers are always updated with the latest patches & security updates.


No investment in expensive Firewalls and SSL certificates.


No reoccurring investment in Hardware maintenance.


No investment in appointing high skilled database management team.


No investment in the Expensive automated backup solution.


Complete freedom from all nitty-gritty’s of Infrastructure management.


Complete peace of mind as we take care of every operation, updates, and upgrades so that your work will not affect at any cost.


We take care of the integration of email gateways and SMS Servers


Easy-to- pay payment plans.


No heavy investments in buying ERP at one time.

CAMPUSLIVE™ Brochure Download

Download CAMPUSLIVE™ Brochure to know more about CAMPUSLIVE™ and to know what does it consist.
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Product Edition

Cloud Basic Edition

No Fat budgets for ERP? Don’t want to invest heavily in a product? No worries, we have a solution for you with no minimum commitment. You may leave when you want inclusive of no yearly payments and no limits on the no. of students. Moreover, we will download all of your campus data and provide you in the XLSX format for further usage.

Cloud Advance Edition

CAMPUSLIVE™ grows when your School/Institute grows, you can keep upgrading yourself with the additional features as and when you feel a need to do so. It comes with everything that we have in Lite Edition and some additional features.


Standard Edition

CAMPUSLIVE™ Standard Edition comes with a full package of features, portals, personalized mobile apps for school. In this way, you have the option to host in your own infrastructure and can be managed by your own team.


Enterprise Edition

CAMPUSLIVE™ Enterprise Edition comes with everything that we provide in Standard Edition. Additionally, we can customize, personalize CAMPUSLIVE™ as per your specific needs. We can even create new modules if we don’t have at present which is essentially required for your School.


Why Choose Us?

Seamless integration and smooth navigation make our ERP solution suitable for incorporating education institutions !!!

Our cloud-based online ERP software comprises of different modules, designed exclusively for educational establishments, keeping in view their set of acts as a potent tool ensuring the proper functioning of the operations of the school. We can provide assistance in developing and designing of the customized modules in our ERP Software according to user’s requirements.

Secured Portals

Our ERP solution is secured with encryption and security tools which means your school data is in secure hands.

Data Visualization of the performance

Thoughtfully designed dashboard provides you with an easy interpretation of complex data of your institution. Visualising data provides you with never before insights.

Focused, Usable and Customisable

Continuous improvement is the key towards the development of unique and unified solutions-focused approach towards making the student information system user-friendly, easy to configure, easy to use, with a substantial reduction on an end-user learning curve.Our ERP solutions are easily customizable depending on the user needs and requirements.


Your cloud-based School Management Solution

With School Management Software’s are a mandatory requirement these days in Schools,
CAMPUSLIVE™ is a must one stop solution for you!

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