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Keeping students engaged and on-task in the Virtual classroom was sometimes difficult. Students got distracted by their phones, social media platform and many more. Now that distance learning is a thing, the opportunity for students to get distracted is even greater. TVs, parents, siblings, pets, and more are all possible things that are grabbing your students’ attention. So, it is important to make sure that the lessons you are planning are interactive and keep your students interested. Let’s take a look at a few ideas for interactive distance learning.

Encourage students to have their camera on:

Making video camera during class is the best way to give students a real class time feel.

It will also help students to be active and to interact with teachers as well. Some of the students might feel uncomfortable on camera. That’s OK at least they should keep their microphones on that time so that they can interact with teachers.

Ask questions:

Asking questions in virtual class is the best way to get your students to interact and talk during discussions. When teacher ask questions to the students it help them to think about and focus.


  1. Uniforms are not mandatory like before
  2. Flexibility in time as there are recorded sessions as well.
  3. Students can attend Live sessions as well as can learn from recorded one.
  4. As there is a huge risk of attending the class physically. So virtual classes can be the best solution in these pandemic days.
  5. Students can join class anywhere around the world

Knowledge of New Social Platforms:

Due to these online classes’ students learnt about new online platforms like Zoom, Meet etc. They just need good WI-Fi and any kind of system either a laptop, PC, mobile.

Easily Traceable:

Records can be easily maintained like attendance, examination report, assessment’s etc.

So, parents no need to worry about your child. Everything will be transparent and you will get your child’s update time to time.

One on One Attention:

Students can easily approach to their teachers for any dought or query.  In classroom the main concern of students is the hesitation to clear their doubt with the teacher in front of whole class. but by these Virtual classes they can easily drop a message to their teachers related to the query. Can check the recorded sessions again and again and can learn by their comfort.

Focusedkeep students focused by creating fun and entertaining experience while studying.