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Despite the fact that education now days has been increasing its dependency more and more on the internet and digital devices, we have never been able to draw a clear line between digitalization being a boon or a bane. Since dependencies can become a bane when turning into an addiction. In today’s life, we have adapted to technology to the extent where we can imagine our life without food for once but never without internet or phone. Most of the population never try to think about the much worse aspects of these dependencies. Maybe it’s all depends on the end-user after all. Maybe it’s just about how and up to what extent does the end-user makes use of these “facilities”.

But the question is that can we trust the people or to be more specific children, to have such wisdom of what to see on the internet. We are blessed to have been living in an era where 10-year-olds are building applications using the same internet that some other children misuse. But the truth of the matter is that wisdom is not a matter of age, so no one can be trusted for their wisdom about the usage of the internet and latest technologies neither children nor adults. Now you must have concluded that digitalization is hence a bane for the society, before concluding let’s see it from a different point of view. Let’s leave the internet’s merits and demerits for some other time, for now coming to the point, is the digitalization of education a boon?

We can’t deny that digital appliances can harm children but are they going to stop using the internet or any of these digital devices? We would say no. Stopping them from using it would be difficult and a stupid thing to do as well. Since digitalization is the future so keeping the children away from it will be an obstacle in their education and will result in making the students less or no knowledge of the latest trends in the field. Stopping the usage being ruled out we look onto other possible and better solution i.e. blending their education with digitalization. This will mitigate and eventually stop the abuse of internet or its negative impacts on the children. As the saying goes “Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them leaves an impression”, it is our job as a society to make a good and positive impression on the children of anything that happens to or near them. When education will be have digital mode these children will learn to use the internet in all the positive ways to enhance their knowledge instead of wasting their time on useless, illogical and inappropriate content on the internet.

Eventually, the prolonged usage will shape their minds like we as a society expect them to be and this is how we will contribute to the future of our city, country, or the world. The next step that comes into mind is how are we supposed to achieve this. In order to digitalize education one must look into ERP software. This software if chosen wisely elevate your institution’s results, reputation, and services up to the extent that you would have never imagined before or might think that was impossible in such a short period. Our CAMPUSLIVE™ ERP is one of the best platform for all institutional operations. Its academic module manages the a-z of studies for children, teachers, and parents all at once. It enables you to plan your teaching model from the board level to the day to day lessons delivered. With an automatic report card generation system and time table generation, it takes over most of your workload. The online assessments, assignments, and homework management are just a few out of hundreds of its academics modules feature. With an added utility of all mathematical operations and chemical reactions, it gives you the flexibility to manage all the possible subjects on the system itself.

When it comes to administration, seems like there’s nothing better than being able to manage your all administrative operation from admissions to expulsions, from promotions to demotions of the students.

Human resource management is something that is an integral part of any enterprise, as employees or in general labor is the most important resource of an enterprise.  So its management is a must. CAMPUSLIVE™  is a system where you can manage all the operations like recruitments(including interview scheduling and other important steps before the process), leaves, visa, document management, etc. After the operations, it all comes to finance. Finance management is something where an error of even 0.01% can cause real havoc, which is quite common in human but when it comes to machine it will never be wrong if the data is correct, so CAMPUSLIVE™ being one solution to all problems has much efficient and accurate finance management system that has a strong command over everything from employee salaries to student fee with added functionality where you have the flexibility of adding all sorts of allowances and deduction that you want to be included for and employee’s salary.

It has an equally amazing student and parent portal where all student end operations can be managed by the parents and everything will be just a few clicks away, be it assessments, assignment, homework, result, or anything you can imagine that a student might need to do in a school.

To see a detailed version of the CAMPUSLIVE™ and to verify everything we just said above, book your free demo right now.