Today, the most significant technological equipment in schools is school management software. Schools throughout the world are occupied with a great deal of everyday administrative as well as academic operations to handle and provides quality education. In any case, to keep up and maintain the administrative work especially in large schools is not an easy process. These often demand big personnel and utilize an enormous amount of time.

For doing administrative activities with ease and less time, CampusLive school management software is implemented. Likewise, the software gives complete assurance of their children’s safety and academic performance in real-time. The software offers numerous features to upgrade the school’s performance with the least attempts. The software promotes the eco-friendly nature as it converts the manual paper-work into automation. I hope that everyone is clear with what school management software is? Now take a deep dive into why school management software is needed in every school.

Parent access 

It is right that parents always do good for their children. In the case of education, they are never compromised with anything. So, parents play a significant role in their child’s better education. They are totally associated with it. Also, they have a right to know about their child’s academic performance. Earlier, the source of communication between teachers and parents is teachers’ parent’s meetings. These meetings are time-consuming and some parents are not able to attend them due to their working lifestyle or any other family issues. But the whole scenario gets changed with the establishment of school ERP software. Now the parents can access their children’s performance through push notifications and alert messages. On top of that, they can access them anytime and from anywhere.

Student information 

Each data related to students like attendance, assignments, result reports, achievements and more are easily identified by using the school management system. This way the teachers can quickly and effectively obtain the information of students, thus, reducing their work efforts. Many school ERP software renders SMS regarding school announcements on a real-time basis.

Attendance management

The basic attribute of every school is the attendance management of students. The schools having ERP systems replaces the manual attendance system with an automated attendance system. With an automated system, the attendance process becomes faster, removes redundancy and eradicate the chances of proxy attendance.

Teacher information 

The school ERP system not only gives information about the students but also track the activities and information of every teacher. Teachers’ leaves, salary reports increments and deductions, the class schedule is maintained effortlessly by school administrators with the help of an ERP. In addition, the teaching activity of the teachers recorded and if needed, provides the best improvement methods. A separate portal is allotted to teachers to make them easier for finding the information of all students.


The marks scored by each student on all subjects combined to form the gradebook or report card. To make and maintain the gradebook manually for each student is troublesome and time-consuming process. Now it is a no more tedious task, the school management system generates gradebooks in few seconds with an interactive GUI. The best part is that the teachers can anytime review and update the information.

Fee management and online payment

The fee collection is a very intense part of schools mainly for large ones. With the introduction of the school management system, the parents are able to make fee payments online. The software automated generated E-receipts both for the sender and receiver just after the fee payment. In this way, the fee payment method in ERP implemented schools is so easy and comfortable.

Hope you all enjoy the reading!