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ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. Let’s see this word by word, Enterprise here represents any organization or a system that provides any type of service. This organization could be anything from an MNC (Multinational Company) to a small-scale company, from a school to a hospital or likewise any other system. Resources are an economic or productive factor required to accomplish an activity, or as a means to undertake an enterprise and achieve the desired outcome. The three most basic resources are landlabor, and capital; other resources include energyentrepreneurship, information, expertise, management, and time. The names in this list of resources themselves indicate their importance and role in the achievements of an enterprise. Hence it seems very important to plan out these resources strategically to bring out the best outcomes in your business. This is what enterprise resource planning is all about.

ERP is an acronym that is widely used in the IT industry but isn’t well understood by its name. For one to realize the importance of this business software that is known as ERP, they first need to understand its role in your business and the need for it for the same.

ERPs are business software that is responsible for automating and integrating basic operations in business to let you focus on simple and effective success. These often provide intelligence, visibility, analytics, and efficiency besides enabling you to digitalize every aspect of your business.

Markets change every minute and successful business the one that stays updated on each any change and adapts accordingly. ERP software does this analysis for you and gives you real-time data, comparison, and suggestive strategies for the best outcomes. This software gives you the flexibility and traceability over your stocks, inventories, and various other resources. These are a streamlined approach for any business for the best usage of their resources. They improve customer satisfaction, service, and relation while increasing your competitiveness with other businesses built in the same or different industries.

When we talk about its requirement in a particular field for example schools, people have a very genuine question that why would a place which provides education to children need this software?! Since we just learned how ERP are a great help to all sorts of businesses why should schools remain behind? Digitization is the present and the future. While education remains the same, the modes of its delivery to the seekers have changed their means over time. The Internet started in the 1960s with ARPANET and about 20 years later i.e. in 1989 came the World Wide Web (www), these 2 inventions changed the means of transferring information amongst users and today we have all the information just a click away. The amusing thing here is that did anyone ever think that how easy it would be to send and receive information before the 1960s like it is today? No, but it did happen and this is what teaches us that change is important in every industry because that is what keeps and industry alive. Schools are places where a child takes his or her important steps towards education. Hence it’s important for them to stay up-to-date so that they can deliver the best and the latest facts and knowledge to the students. ERPs here act as an interface, of course, a much more convenient one for students and teachers than the traditional one. These are challenging times and we need to build a system that mitigates the effect of such situations on the education of children for learning should never stop. Since learning has to be carried on like earlier, school management will also need to run to support it. This is where ERPs come into action. We build this software for your utmost convenience. Ever thought of managing a school from home? Sounds like a nightmare, right! Or something impossible. Well, not anymore with an ERP like CAMPUSLIVE™, there’s nothing to worry about. We give you a single, trustworthy solution to all your problems. From academics to attendance, HRM to administration, finance to inventory, student to parent, assessments to assignments we promise to manage everything for you at a single platform. CAMPUSLIVE™ provides you the best of analytics with minimal data and ready-made reports for any operations or processes carried out in a school. While you bring the best in children to its use through your services we manage everything else for you. Schools are an enterprise and have almost all of the resources that we discussed above. So when there are so many resources that need to be planned, we need an efficient, intelligent, accurate, and all in one system to do this planning to reach our goals.

Perhaps we can list out all the pros and cons of an ERP for you but in the end, the only thing matters are your decision about using an ERP and choosing the best one for yourself. If you ask us its CAMPUSLIVE™ that’s best for your school. Book a free demo now and see it yourself.