Education is the foremost right of every child for their overall development and a good career. To accomplish this, almost every educational institution like schools, colleges, and universities endeavor to give the best education, knowledge, and inspiration to the students. Apart from this, the schools have to manage various activities on a daily basis in an organized way. Because of multiple desk work and manual paperwork, the primary goal, education, shifted and eventually it affects the efficiency of the institute. To take care of such activities, school management ERP software is a one-way solution.  Now most readers think that what is school management software? So, let’s take a look below.

What is school management software?

School management is all-in-one web based software that streamlines numerous activities of schools/colleges/universities, in addition, smartly connects the parents, teachers, students, and administrators together. It helps to manage administration tasks, student management, fee management, library management, hostel management, academics management, etc all in a single platform. By having school management software featured attributes educational institutions experienced for smooth working and provides quality education to students.

  • Successfully handle data with advanced solutions

The daily formation of big amount of data in schools is to be kept in a secure and safe place. This can be perfectly done by the cloud-based software like CampusLive.

  • Attendance management

In previous years, maintaining and conducting attendance manually is a very hectic task but with the help of school management software, it is pretty convenient to take the students’ attendance and sent an alert message to the guardians of the ward about the attendance status.

  • The online platform gives a better functioning

The web and application have turned out to be progressively helpful for teachers, students, and administration to access the software anytime and anywhere.

  • Staff salary and student fee management

This incorporates to manage the salary payment, fee payment, and other online payments and even aware the parents for fee payment by sending the alert message.

  • Manage admission and registration data

Student’s exam reports, admissions, registrations, and scholarships are also managed by school management software.

  • Staff management

This deals with all the staff information engaged in educational entities. Staff details like attendance, leave allotment, and timetable scheduling is managed.

  • Front office management

This consists of management of front office data like visitors book, calling, inquiry and complaints.

  • Library management

To keep a record of all the books present in the library and clearly mention the book author, subject and issuing and returning date related to the student and teacher.

  • Manage the homework reports of students and alert parents through notifications

The teachers can give the homework to each student in their respective portals and alert the parents about their homework status.

  • Student timetable management

Effectively manage the timetable of students subject-wise and class-wise. In this way, the students do not miss their important lectures.
These above characteristics concluded that if you make your schools smart and function smoothly, the school management software is the one-stop solution.