The alert name itself depicts the reminders to notify someone about the important updates and other things. Alert system is very much necessary in school ERP system as it supports to send the push notifications or alert messages to students, staff, and parents about important occasions, emergency situations, transactions and so on. It is an extremely amazing asset for effective communication between parents, teachers, students, and administrators. Alert system in school ERP turned out to be an excellent tool for time management. Alarms help to coordinate individual consideration with the usefulness of the school ERP software.

If you are still not using an alert system in school ERP, then go on with a few tips:

  • Fee due date alert: Fee collection, as well as payment, is the most important aspect of schooling and even with the school ERP system that is an automated system for fee collection and receipt generation, it is hard to notify each parent separately. That is why setting up an alert system is very beneficial to notify the parents about the fee due payment. Besides, the system can send push notifications a few days before the due date so that the parents can make payment arrangements in a timely manner. With this alert system, you can see improvement in finances too.
  • All types of meetings alert: Regular PTA meetings are held in schools to know the parents about their children’s academic performance. But sometimes due to the busy schedule, parents forget about such meetings. To recall them, alert systems send advance notifications to all the parents simultaneously. Like this, there is no chance at all to miss any PTA meeting. Apart from PTA meetings, the system can schedule in-staff meetings, students-teachers meetings, principal-teachers meetings, etc. On top of that, the system can automatically send the messages to the respective members for the instant meetings.
  • Announcements and emergency alerts: The most well-known alert that must be in every school ERP system is emergency alerts. It is the best medium to save time and effort by sending an automatic alert notifications or emails to everyone in the school. This system must be utilized for veritable reasons. The emergency closure of school due to some natural calamity or other reason sending to all the parents through this system to ensure the safety of the students.
  • Birthday alerts: Some students live in a hostel far away from their homes. The birthday greetings makes them happy and feel like home. If the educational organization is big i.e having a large number of students, it is hard to manage the birth dates database manually. To ease such task, birthday alerts set up to keep track of the database whether it may be big or small. This system sends emails or messages to the students or teachers on their special day. The one point you should keep in mind is correctly filling the information while setting up the alert system.

On and all, the alert system reminds us of our work which sometimes we may forget due to busy work schedule. In schools, lots of activities are there to operate every day. The implementation of an alert system in school ERP makes such activities going easy and fast.

If you are in need of an alert system in your school, contact us now. We would be glad to help you.