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The growing technology trend turning everything online and provides a lot of benefits to the users from all business sectors. Implementation of technology results in a great impact on schools as well. Smart schools are on the rise in their business as they are the first choice of millions of new age parents. The library is the most crucial component of every school and to manage it manually is a hard task. Custom-built CAMPUSLIVE™ online library management module is perfectly fit for any school or college to automate all the library-related tasks and find quite beneficial for all the students and staff to work peacefully. By using this system, the students and teachers can easily access the information of the book which they look for. Actually, we can say that introducing web-based library management system in an educational organization saves lots of cost, time and effort on operational work which might take long hours and days when performed offline.

It is a fact that the bigger the educational organization, the more assets will be utilized. So a large number of students demand a big structured library. A big library needs more space. But the space issue is perfectly handled by accomplishing the library management system. Now, book record in files is completely replaced by a single software which stores thousands of data in a single remote location.

Have a look at the more benefits of library management system in detail:

  • DDC classification and management: Feasibly, the hardest part in the library system as it requires attentiveness and time from the user since the user copes with each book and make categorization keep an eye on borrowing details. The online library management system also generates automated library cards and books ids and the user can print out them if needed. The librarian work becomes smooth because the system can do automated cataloging of books, newspapers, magazines/journals, project reports. CD’s, presentations and more.
  • Easy support: The online catalog is very beneficial to know the librarian about the book issue or reissue date and submission of the books by each user. In this way, the user can keep track of all the records of the books which he or she issued. At the same time, saves the time and effort of both user and librarian.
  • Automated operations: All the operations like books management, cataloging maintenance, and magazines/journal subscription performed automatically by using an online library management system. Users can experience the list of accessible books, the number of books which he or she may have acquired, late submission fine with just one click.
  • Error-free data retrieval: Earlier, the librarian has to keep a record of each member manually that prone to errors. By having a library management system, all library handling work completely turned error-free. Now the whole information is stored in a central server. The users can easily retrieve the necessary books information and issue book accordingly.

Therefore, it is apparent that an online library management system is very helpful in handling library-related operations in any school, college or university effectively and effortlessly. The system is fully adaptive, customized and scalable according to the needs of the user. The best feature of such a system is that it is easy to learn. The libraries which implemented library management software are operated 24/7. I think every educational organization must implement a library management system on its campus.