At present, usually, the parents are employed. Due to this reason, parents are now expected to track every activity and current location of their child from anywhere on the planet. After all, a school is not a tomb where we lock our children during working hours. A school is a leading place to learn, prosper and develop skills. In school, the child can express their learning thoughts with others. It is a second-place after home where children feel safe and secure.

Understand the student’s security and safety is a lot more extensive issue than just handling with an intruder with heavy weapons. Other than this, school infrastructure also plays a significant role in student’s safety while together maintain an adequate learning environment. To accomplish such a task, we require to stop focusing exclusively on “security” and throw some light on the extensive idea on school “safety”.

For safety perspective, hit technology with new innovation. Our CampusLive school management software is not simply built for student grade book and performance analysis. The software has a number of advanced features, tools, templates, and gateways that are useful for the safety of the students. This remarkable software is valuable to everyone from the principal to the administration, students to teachers and likewise parents. “Our commitment is your child’s safety” is the primary aim of our designing team.

Look at the three outlines that could happen in any school as follows:

  1. Student information at  your fingertips

With the rapid growth of a number of students in classes and results in more school branches to cover up the network as they can. It is obvious that administrators find difficult to recall the details of every student manually. School management software is a blessing to do administrative jobs effortlessly. By using CampusLive, it is easy to maintain comprehensive records that can be easily analyzed by all school employees and staff and ensures an appropriate level of privacy.

  1. Consistently managing student leaving and arriving record

A student arriving and leaving is the usual school routine. You do not need to depend solely on the bus conductor regarding such activity. The school management software keeps track of each student location until he/she arrives home or reach school safely. Using this location tracker feature, both parents and teachers easily access their little one’s location.

  1. Preventive data security

Student security is not all about tracing their location or maintaining exit and entry records of the day. The major piece to highlight for security is regarding information protection and security for delicate data that is valuable if subject to emergency or security breach. School management software is a trustworthy option in the above cases because the data is stored at a centralized single remote location.

Have fun with school ERP!