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The education sector is rapidly evolving in the digitization world that carries a drastic change in how educational organizations manage students, engage with parents and save money as well. Just like laptops/computers, smartphones have the capability to do considerably more to the world. At present, lots of mobile applications and software available for communication, online e-commerce stores and do numerous other things.

Uncountable academic and administrative operations can be implemented by a unique CAMPUSLIVE™ school mobile application that can be utilized by parents, teachers, students, administrators, etc. anywhere and anytime on their cell phone with profoundly assured role-based logins. This mobile application is adequate to do the never-ending administrative and academic tasks with less time and money.

At the same time, there is a desperate need for distributed information to every student and parents for strong and compelling education. Therefore, by bridging the gap between parents, teachers, and students, a school mobile app have some wonderful advantages for your campus.

Let’s discuss the benefits your institute gets by implying school ERP application:

  • Efficient home-school and in-house communication

A school mobile application is an approach that gives simple access to the campus with the end goal of data distribution. Data can be disseminated using messages or push notifications to the staff, and parent’s phones. The messages may be notification updates, alerts, fee due reminders, school announcements, course registration, resumption dates or anything. Moreover, parents can easily communicate with teachers regarding their children’s performance.

  • Easily and effortless access information

For open up school website portal, it takes some time to load but a school mobile app is a good substitute to access many things faster and gives single tick access to a wide range of academic information such as class timetables, attendance, home assignments, tests, examination schedules and more. Additionally, bus-tracking, grade books, school fees, student accounts are only a single click away. The parents can assess such information anytime they want and from any place.

  • Streamline transfer of teaching material 

The application can likewise be utilized as an efficient tool to transfer the teaching and study material between teachers and students to make teaching all-embracing. The educators can upload notes class wise and subject wise on the app that is noticeable to parents and students 24/7. So, if any student is not able to attend class due to some reasons then he/she gets notes easily on the same day through the mobile app.

  • Improves staff efficacy and saves time

By using school management mobile application, all the latest information regarding campus and their children are at their fingertips. For teachers, it is essential to make the most out of yourself. This can be only possible with school mobile app as they will get more time to focus on other tasks and become more productive.

  • Ease of payment

In this busy world, parents do not have enough time to deposit the fee in hand. Therefore, cashless transactions come into place. Due to the embedded online payment gateways, a school mobile app is able to collect fees online from parents. It will definitely save time and effort to visit the campus or any bank/ATM.

Basically, we can say that the school mobile application is having the time and cost-saving traits, which significantly benefits all the prime attributes of the educational community constitutes teachers, parents, students and most general school management.