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A few years back, let’s take a look at the scenario when attendance related work completely relies on a paper i.e on big registers which are very difficult to maintain for a long time. This becomes the educators an exceptionally tiring task. On the off chance, sometimes they forgot the register in the staff room. Moreover, the educator calls the names of the students for attendance so the chances of missing out some students’ names may be there. So accuracy vanishes here. At the same time, a lot of the most valuable time for teaching was wasted. To overcome such drawbacks, today in this fast-paced world, these old-fashioned processes replaced by automated school management software which makes this procedure faster and easier. In higher classes, due to the vast syllabus, the educators find difficult to complete the syllabus within a deadline. Thus, this automated system is completing the syllabus sections by utilizing the time which is wasted in manual attendance.

Benefits of using an attendance management system:

  • The CAMPUSLIVE™ ERP system makes educational organizations totally digitized. It is clear that digitization makes each process easier and time-saving and lets the campus be more fruitful. For that reason, CAMPUSLIVE™ having an attendance management module that allows educators to quickly enlist the student’s attendance sheet online and mark the attendance easily in less time.
  • Easily accessible, simple and user-friendly interface system in which information is secured and easily recoverable. Also, the system is designed with graphical characterization for simpler examination and clarification.
  • Parents alert or notification system is present to notify the parents about their children’s attendance on a daily basis. In this manner, there is no option to bunk classes at any cost.
  • The system is put together bio-metrics implements and attendance for simplification and automated marking of attendance.
  • Attendance register and reports are easy to maintain and customize compared to manual ones.
  • All the information is stored safely at a single remote location so lost of data is not possible.
  • During examinations, attendees records also captured appropriately.
  • The system is less prone to errors as the paper is not used for the storage of any information or calculation so the risk of errors greatly reduced.

Finally, we can say that a cloud-based attendance management system saves time, effort and resources with regard to attendance. The CAMPUSLIVE™ attendance management module is incorporated with such features. Additionally, the system lowers the job role of educators. Along these lines, the school management software is an extensive option for the educational entities that makes them more productive like no other.