In any educational organization, the examination is the scariest part for the students. And even the teachers and administrators have to do a lot of work other than daily routine because conducting examinations requires rooms and staff allocation, execution assessments and after that make a result report of each student. This whole process is even more cumbersome if the school has a large number of students and fewer staff members.

A proper planning and strategy is needed to conduct exams and conveying on-time result reports. To handle all the administrative tasks smoothly, technology-oriented school ERP software is designed. In the same way, the CampusLive Examination Management Module is used to manage examination activities too.

Now come to the point, most of you think that how an ERP software helps to manage the examination system. Just read the below-mentioned points to find your answer:

  1. Facilitates pre-examination arrangements

The pre-examination process involves allocating rooms and staff, examination center, marking schemes, design grading schemes and more. All these arrangements are just a few clicks away. You need to enter the necessary database only once and the software automatically gives you the right solutions.

The best part is that the administrators and other staff members can access this information anywhere and anytime. If the allotted teacher busy with some work then he or she will be able to make changes online. In short, we can say that with less time and effort, these operations will be arranged easily.

  1. Simplified exam execution

The execution is the most significant part of examination management. In spite of your better planning, there is always a hitch to spoil everything. However, with school management software, you can dodge this. This system can also maintain and manage marks entry, examination attendance, course grade, etc.

  1. Tailored grading system

You can get the refinement of the customized grading system through an examination management system. It is a fact that some parents do not understand the grading system, in that case, with the help of the software, the teachers can easily convert grades to the marks and vice-versa. The high authorities can easily check the assessment status to know whether the result processing is pending or completed.

  1. All around evaluation and fine result distribution

It is clear from the above-provided features that there are no chances of error in result evaluation. If in case any student wants re-evaluation of the result, he or she can be done this through recalculation feature in the examination portal.

You can promote the eco-friendly environment as no paper is required to make grade books. The teachers can upload the subjectwise marks to every student’s portal. The students can then check their result reports and teacher’s remarks in their respective portals.

  1. Custom-made and diversified reports

The examination does not end up with result reports. The school examination department has to keep up all the records of reports related to pre-examination, and assessments. They likewise to maintain a subjectwise and classwise exam-papers record for the future assessment-making ideas. All these operations are easily handled by school management software. If one can get their marks to report physically, then he or she can print out the software copy from its portal.

With the above features, the examination system can run smoothly and efficiently. Besides, teachers, as well as students, are happy with flawless reports and results.