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Enterprise Resource Planning is a very vital part of any organization and software that automates this planning and managing for you is something that has emerged over the years. However, In the past few years, there are hardly any organizations that run without ERP software, and schools out of all these organizations are definitely in desperate need to equip themselves with perfectly accurate and advanced technology to manage their students and staff. Besides other aspects like financial, administerial, HRM it is the end product of an organization’s work that matters. We have always believed that schools are building blocks of society as they are responsible for shaping up a country’s future, a block without which a building is near to impossible to stand or even if it stands then is too delicate to stay. We believe in making this block stronger and to make it live up to expectations of the modern world. Just like our name we build stellar products that lead our client’s organization to build a stellar system.

CAMPUSLIVE™ with its 75+ modules has been build by our dedicated team over years of hard work with an idea of delivering something that makes your life easier. It is perfectly flexible to comply with your system or builds the same for you if you don’t have one. Management requires a system that is being followed with the least possible peculiarity or irregularity. Since human errors are very common and persistent as well, we need to use something that decreases these and negligible issues along with preventing them or making them easily identifiable. CAMPUSLIVE™ does the same for you. While you sit there to enter data, we manage everything for you.

Now you must be thinking … so what? We are still able to manage our organization pretty easily even without their product. Well, of course, you are no less than a charmer in your field of work but why not make it easier when the opportunity has just come knocking at your door. The concept of having a tap on everything just a single click away does sound fascinating and comfortable, isn’t it? Manage everything from wherever you are sitting. Save yourself the hassle.

With CAMPUSLIVE™ we assure you that we give you nothing less than we speak. From students to teachers, library to the canteen, administrative level to board level, manage everything on CAMPUSLIVE™. In times like today, we need a system that requires least human contact and much more use of virtual networks and since we have pledged to help you out with everything, we ensure this as well. You can manage anything to everything online at a very affordable price. But why would you take our word for it. Well, don’t, book a demo, see it for yourself and decide what’s best.