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Why would you use an ERP software? An ERP software outweighs all the money, time, efforts and resources put into balancing, analysing and performing various tasks and operations in a business. It is a one-time investment for any industry. Schools are not mere businesses but places where futures are built and hence its important for an educational institution to have system that increases productivity and achieves their ultimate purpose of imparting knowledge to the curious minds. With increasing globalization and digitalization, the ways in which young minds learn have also changed. They want everything on demand and always available. Writing down notes for everything and depending solely on them for their assessments and exams has now become a thing of the past. Hence, CAMPUSLIVE™ brings its unparalleled features for the schools who are looking for a reliable, stable, ever-evolving system for their organizations which will save precious time, improve the productivity, deliver the best & accurate analytics based on minimum data input. Its academics module is one of 75+ modules that it offers to the users. While managing all the basic operations that an academic institution carries out it has been equipped with latest technology to cope with situations where human efforts are not just enough. In situation like this global pandemic we need a common solution where a school can be run online, of course with a dedicated staff. Some its remarkably striking features include:

  • Online Homework management

While teachers making student write down homework in diaries and then asking every students to get his/her homework checked in person has already been a talk of the “medieval” times, the latest and most used way of submitting homework through emails and whatsapp groups also doesn’t seem quite legitimate or convincing nor are they any less tiresome for a teacher to maintain record of. CAMPUSLIVE™ provides you with a platform where you assign homework to students department-wise, class-wise, section-wise, or even student-wise. Since CAMPUSLIVE™ complies with all the boards namely CBSE, CISCE, IGCSE, all state boards, etc. we have provisions for any system that is being followed by an institution. Homework improves student achievement in terms of improved grades, test results, and the likelihood to attend college. Homework helps to reinforce learning and develop good study habits and life skills. Basically homework is a gradual yet best way to analyse if a student has learned what was intended to be taught to him/her. Digitalizing this step makes it easier for parents and the school to manage and analyse the students learning pace from wherever they are or whatever they are doing.

  • Online Assessments

Education is Changing. It’s Time Assessment Caught Up

Assessment is a key component of learning because it helps students learn. When students are able to see how they are doing in a class, they are able to determine whether or not they understand course material. Just as assessment helps students, assessment helps teachers. With increasing global competencies, there’s an increasing demand of skills not just score. Skills like critical thinking and creativity. CAMPUSLIVE™ here, provide with different ways of planning, handling and analysing student assessments and helping the institute sustain an agile model for better productivity.

  • Online classes

Situations like the present ones teach us why it is important to embrace technology in our day to day lives. Being a student in 21st century should mean no loss of studies even if you have to stay home. When it comes to learning, the student must get what they demand and when they demand because knowledge is meant to be shared and what is sharing with so many conditions and constraints of time. CAMPUSLIVE™ has a single step solution for both teacher and the student to teach and learn respectively. With all the lectures delivered by the teacher being recorded, a student doesn’t have to worry if they were not able to join the class at the given time due to any reason nor does the teacher has to deliver the same content to the student again unless until demanded specifically. The teacher just has to schedule the class by providing minimal information and the student is then just a single click away from his classroom. However, some students are rather careless with keeping up with their schedules and hence it becomes a real headache for the school and teachers to maintain their attendance records in an online classroom but with CAMPUSLIVE™ there’s nothing to worry about. Attendance is linked with the online classroom system and the teacher doesn’t need to worry about marking or taking attendance of the student. As and when the student attends the class their attendance is marked.

  • Online quizzes

Quizzes help students identify what they know and what they don’t know. The students then have a better idea of how well they are grasping the material, hopefully motivating them to study more and helping them allocate their study time effectively by focusing on the information that still needs more practice. Reluctantly admitting that nothing can beat the fun of participating in a quiz in the classroom verbally with all your fellow classmates, we provide the institution with a system where you can create, assign, analyse and publish results for any sort of quiz that is to be taken. We give you the flexibility to perform all these operation on any levels you like.

  • Online examination

Online examination is a concept that’s not so old yet not so new. Its not been quite long since this system has legitimately been accepted in the educational system. Its high time now that schools implement these in their examination processes. Where to go? Well, CAMPUSLIVE™ seems have a solution for you here as well. From mid-terms to finals an institution can create, assign, analyse and publish results of their students here. The students can give exam and view their results on the same platform itself. Since examination is process invented to test the knowledge acquired by the student through-out the term or academic year, we provide you which a sharp, and perfectly accurate system to analyse the way in which this knowledge is being imparted and how well it is being received by the students.

  • Curriculum planning

Curriculum planning is a complex process where faculty define intended learning outcomes, assessments, content and pedagogic requirements necessary for student success across an entire curriculum. CAMPUSLIVE™ provides you with and intelligent system that allows you to plan your curriculum Yearly -> Unit-wise -> Lesson-wise. These are the levels on which the institute can plan and set their goals for the year, unit or the end of the lesson. While yearly planning is usually used by higher authorities as it defines the year end goal for the institute and unit planning is done for specific unit and is usually handled by department heads, lesson planning is the smallest but the most significant step. Here a teacher can plan his/her lessons for the particular unit by describing the activities that are being undertook and how are all the learning aspects being covered under the lesson. They can also explain how they plan to help out any students with special needs or the student that simply can’t keep up with the pace. Hence, improving the learning experience and productivity, because an institutes progress is determined by its student’s success.

  • Online assignment

It is essential to apply the knowledge which we have learned in a certain subject. Assignments are necessary when learning subjects from its roots. They help to improve the knowledge and skills of the students. Wont it be great if you can plan, create and assign these to the students online? CampusLIVE does it all for you. Create the assignments online and assign them to lesson plans that you create while plan curriculum through the Curriculum planning module. You just create the assignments by clicking a few buttons here and there, assign it to the students and leave the rest to us. You can ether evaluate the assignment and generate the report card manually or we can generate the report card for you.

CAMPUSLIVE™ is one platform solution for teacher as well as the student. It benefits the student and parent just it benefits the teachers, hence improving the overall productivity of the institution.

How will it help reduce the work load? By using an ERP you will be able to perform all the operations that you already do plus other add-ons but with much more agility. Time is precious gift an should always be used wisely or else it’s never enough. So, we suggest you to try this all new improvised version of CAMPUSLIVE™ ERP for your school, university or college, as we made this for your comfort at a very affordable price.