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When we implement an ERP software in our organization, it can be opposed by a number of problems like hardware requirements, deployment time, migrating databases, excessive costing for creating an appropriate infrastructure for the software to work, lesser flexibility, managing rights for every user and the list just goes on. But how does the idea of having a cloud based ERP software sound to you? Interesting, right? Now you must be wondering whats the difference. The basic difference between on-premise ERP and cloud ERP is clear: On-premise ERP solutions are installed locally on your company’s hardware and servers and then managed by your IT staff while cloud ERP—also called SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service—is provided as a service. So basically when you buy an on premise ERP, you might end up wasting a lot of time in resolving the problems that we just mentioned above. But in case of a cloud ERP you just need to avail the service that you paid for without a headache of infrastructure, hardware requirements, etc. CAMPUSLIVE is a cloud based ERP software that has been made using advanced logic to manage your school efficiently and without making the process cumbersome or tiring.

When we talk about managing stuff, the first visual that comes to our minds are people running around to give directions, perform tasks or if not anything else, then just to be present everywhere. If not people running around then atleast a lot of phone calls to assign people their duties and a lot of paper work to have report of everything at the end of the day. But when you buy an ERP software, you deserve to be served in your comfort zone. That’s what CAMPUSLIVE does for you. You can manage your institution at the luxury of a few clicks and when it comes to reports, we allow you to generate the reports for the smallest possible process that can be carried out in an institution be it attendance or payroll, academics or report cards, administrative tasks or finance management, we proudly claim that when we serve you, you get everything that one desires to have in their school management software.

Besides, the user interface for school staff and administration we serve the students and their parents equally well. All the data that you wish for the parents and the students to see can be provided to them on our student portal. From fee management to cafe account, learning resources to homework, assessments to attendance, health status to progress tracking, time table to library, scheduled assessments to behavior monitoring, CAMPUSLIVE provides a full fledged working solution to all the working or busy parents out there who face any sort of difficulty in communicating with the school or want an easier way to deal with it.

ERP software need to change in order to meet the expectations of their user and to satisfy the need of the hour. With so many educational reforms this year a lot has changed or better to say that the face of traditional way of delivering education has changed to a huge extent. Keeping in mind all these reforms and changes, our developers have added a lot of new features that allow you to carry on the whole process of academics online. When it comes to managing classrooms online we provide you an amazingly easy user interface to manage that process as well. You can create, assign and conduct your classrooms within a few clicks and take your class without the headache of attendance, or thinking if everyone got the link to join the class or not. Then to manage assessments online, we allow you to create assessment from right here on our platform and publish them to the students. Online homework submission already being a part of our service, we have now integrated online assignment creation and submissions of assignments.

We put in consistent efforts to provide you the best, because when you trust us, we put in everything to keep that intact.