Increasing popularity makes lots of parents and children to get engaged in educational institutions in far ways places outside their native land.  They make their children live the same way as they are in their homes. This is well fulfilled by hostels.  By the name of the hostel, the first thing that comes to mind is student safety and comfort.  To ensure such types of facilities, a good staff, record management and very-well execution of administrative activities are associated.  But now the question arises that how the hostel management staff can do this task in an errorless manner.  For a better solution, campus live hostel/ boarding management or similar other modules come into the picture. These types of modules manage all administrative activities easily.  To know more about the details of these activities, let’s discuss below:

  • Rooms management:  It includes easy management of rooms allotment to students according to their preferences. Big hostels know the importance of this module very well.
  • Rooms article inventory:  This software is also for maintaining the data of the furniture items and other appliances. In any case, if furniture items get lost, the tracking option is also there.
  • Student tracking:  To ensure the safety of the hostellers, a student tracking system is there to keep track of all the records of the students like moving in and out of the hostels.
  • Daily attendance module: This module helps the administrative staff to keep the detail of each hosteller by daily attendance and reporting because safety is the foremost concern of both parents and students. Manual registering is a tiresome and time-consuming process and to remove such big efforts, this module is also added in almost all ERP software including CampusLive.
  • Gate pass:  This module will help the students to go out of the campus by issue gate pass with a real-time tracking system.
  • Fee collection: Hostel fee collection details are there in this part to know the administration department about the fee collection status of each student update and check the payment status of students and those defaulters who are not paying their fees yet. In short, this module will ensure that the finances are in order or not.

It is clear from the above points that having hostel management module in educational institutions save time, personnel and resources and due to this reason, today, almost all the school organizations prefer this technology for both dynamic as well as a practical approach. In this way, they adapt precise inventory planning, organized and systematic approach and flawless functioning of hostel administrative task to be able to function at its fullest.